Meet E-Board

Michelle Lensing
Co-op: TJX Companies

VP of Administration
Caroline Klaey
Co-op: RapidMiner

VP of Public Relations
Manon De Vos
Co-op: Brightcove

VP of Human Resources
Emma Kanchanawat
Co-op: State Street Corporation

VP of Marketing
Dani Adams
Co-op: iRobot

VP of Finance
Ashwin Misra
Co-op: Innosight

Meet the Directors

Director of Events
Lily Scanlan
Co-op: The Baupost Group

Director of New Members
Corinna Lauber
Co-op: The Boston Globe

Director of Community Service
Ananya Gupta

Co-Director of Recruitment
Daniela Chacon
Co-op: Boston Consulting Group

Co-Director of Recruitment
Rubani Narang

Director of Design
Alara Hakki

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